Ayurveda believes that the lifestyle diseases are not restricted to particular organ or organ system. They are called so because these diseases are the outcome of sedentary and inactive lifestyle. Wrong eating habits, craving for unhealthy food and irregular sleep pattern are the major reasons for these conditions. Stress and lack of physical exercise further aggravates such condition.

Ayurveda system understands the functioning of human body as a whole and any disease is understood to be due to imbalance of Tridoshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.Ayurveda therapy validates the physical, psychological and spiritual wellness of an individual. It provides a well organized system of traditional health care, both in preventive as well as curative spheres. Ayurveda offers various methods to manage lifestyle disorders by following Dincharya, Ritucharya, Panchakarma or with help of Rasayanas. Ayurveda suggests simple lifestyle routines for a healthy and disease free life.